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Don't Just Try EDIYBLES - Join Me in Making Dreams Come True!

l.a. dawson, Founder, Maryjane's Confections

I’m l.a. dawson, founder of EDIYBLES. I am a cannabis legalization advocate and the creator of EDIYBLES Equipment and Mix Kits. This concept is the result of several years of research and testing to find the best tools and equipment for safely baking, storing, and consuming delicious cannabis edibles at home. From there, I developed an education series - customized to your preferred learning style - to help new EDIYBLES chefs learn how to make delicious and effective infused foods correctly on the first try.  

Whether you prefer to learn from a face-to-face EDIYBLES Advisor in a home setting, by watching videos on your phone, tablet, or laptop, or through a live, instructor led session on Skype, you'll be cooking up EDIYBLES like a pro in no time!

To make this vision a reality, I need entrepreneurs looking for a first-of-its-kind franchise model in one of the fastest growing industries in the country to join me in educating the community about responsible edibles use and consumption. Because our products do not contain plant material, EDIYBLES offers an inexpensive way to start a home-based business without concerns about burdensome regulations that other businesses in the field must face. Unlike muti-level marketing companies, EDIYBLES uses a franchise model where - with our guidance - you'll take ownership of your business without building a team or holding inventory to earn money. At the same time, you'll feel good about selling products you believe in while helping the community learn the simplest methods for infusing and cooking with cannabis.

Please read our story to learn about my inspiration for this business and join me in pushing the face of legalization forward! I'm excited about the path ahead and look forward to hearing from you.